We’ll be “Officially Launching” the Parade Season very shortly with Float Registration and Sponsorship opportunities. To get the kickoff information sent to you, send a “Santa Claus Parade Info” email to info@freedomhouse.ca

Here’s the story from The Brantford Expositor June 23rd about Freedom House taking on the Santa Claus Parade this year. We’re THRILLED to host this amazing Brantford Tradition!
“Freedom House church is taking over organizing the Brantford Santa Claus Parade.
‘The parade is a treasured and vital part of our community’s life flow and it would be an honour to continue to uphold and make sure that this marvelous tradition continues in Brantford,’ Dave Carrol, president and lead pastor of Freedom House, said in a letter to the city.
‘Our team of skilled volunteers, support from the city and city staff, along with other community members engaged in volunteerism, will ensure the level of excellence that Brantford has become accustomed to.’
In 2022, the City of Brantford took over operation of the parade, which returned after a two-year absence.
The parade had been organized by Brantford JCI, a non-profit organization of young people, for more than 40 years. At the time, city CAO Brian Hutchings said Brantford was one of the few cities offering an evening parade.
The JCIs announced last year the group didn’t have the capacity to continue to operate the event.
In a letter to the city, Shawn Stemmler, a former JCI member and parade chair, said COVID-19 pandemic restrictions impacted the group’s ability to plan and coordinate the parade during the pandemic.
‘Our volunteer base was seriously compromised through the pandemic and, as such, our JCI Charter, unfortunately, is no longer active with several of our members either moving out of the community or aging out of the organization. These reasons combined resulted in our lack of ability to lead the parade.’ 
Stemmler said they would be working with Freedom House to transfer ownership of assets, including Santa’s sleigh.
The parade attracts thousands of spectators who line the streets to watch the festive spectacle.
The 2023 event will mark the 47th annual Santa Claus parade, traditionally held the last Saturday in November.
City staff will continue to provide logistics and planning support though its special events advisory team.”
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