"there's no Giant hogweed in heaven"

Giant Hogweed mitigation project

Since 2016 the number of Giant Hogweed plants along the Grand River has been increasing. By simply coming into contact with this hazardous plant, a person or pet can get a severe chemical burn. 

Private property landowners are dealing with the plants that they know about; however there are populations on unowned lands to locate and control every year. We are seeing some success in our goal to help mitigate these populations, with fewer plants so far this year. Please consider supporting this project to help keep the Grand River safer for everyone. 

This project is the brainchild of one of our longest Freedom House members, John Kemp. It’s a fantastic example of an ordinary person identifying an issue in our community and putting boots on the ground to see it being transformed by good into good. As John says, there’s no giant hogweed in Heaven!

For more information, check out the Giant Hogweed Mitigation Project’s Facebook Page, Facebook Group or Google Drive.

Here's How to Help:

  • Walk a section of shoreline in April and in May to search for young plants and report the precise location (by GPS) of any plants found.
  • Paddle a section of the river searching for magnificent majestic white flowers in July and report any findings.
  • Learn how to wear a hazmat suit (training is provided) and help remove seed-heads for disposal.
  • Contact our local councillors and local members of parliament and let them know how giant hogweed affects you.
  • Make a donation. Please make sure you select the “Giant Hogweed Mitigation Project” fund.
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